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Announcement: Champions of Svenska Elitserien season 5

Lilmix News

Lilmix Talents

We are happy to announce our new Lilmix Talents lineup. They have struggle to build the golden five but now are we ready to follow them into "Höstsäsongen of SECSGO Regionserien" and upcoming tournaments and qualifiers. Here is the roaster and you...

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Swedish Esport Federation

Swedish Esport Federation We can happily announce that we have entered into a collaboration with the Swedish E-sports Federation, and Lilmix contributes with its knowledge and presence in Swedish E-sports. We believe that a change is needed to...

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Tournaments we are competing in right now

ESEA Advanced – Ongoing

More information about this tournament here

About Lilmix

Lilmix Esports was formed in 2018, and in the beginning it was just a fun “thing” in order to participate in the Swedish Elitserien, the highest Counter Strike: Global Offensiveas league in Sweden. But soon we noticed that Lilmix Esports grew tremendously and efficiently in a positive way. Fans and supporters increased in a fast pace, which helped us gain sponsors and partners in different ways. With the help of our successful teams, live streamers and active social media we formed the Esport organization Lilmix Esports.

We stand here now as #lilfam* of Esports and we are just getting bigger and bigger bigger the more time goes by.

The future is here, and the future is Lilmix!

(#lilfam is our word for family)


#LILFAM is our word for family, and all of our fans is in that category!
If you consider yourself as a Lilmix Supporter this is the hashtag to use when spreading the word on social media about us!

Our Fans Is a part of our Family

If you want to support us besides spreading our #lilfam hashtag, you could always become a premium member.
When becoming a premium member you support the team so we can continue to strive in to further greatness in Counter-Strike.
By being a part of #Lilfam you also get first hand information about new merchandize, you will also get discount codes and participates monthly in our member-giveaway!

Lilmix Goals

By 2022 Lilmix Esports expects to be a one of the leading Esports Organisations in the Nordic Regions.

Our brand will be recognized in Esport’s context where we compete in the biggest leagues in different games.

Be a contributor to Esports growth in the Nordic regions where we as an Organization participate and create content in a live environment.

Expand our Social Media presence where we as an Organization want to spread a positive image of Esport and ourself as role models for younger players.