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Swedish Elitseries Finals

So we had a tremendeous season, winning almost every game in the Swedish Elitseries (the biggest league in Sweden).

We had 22 wins and 4 losses in total, but something happend and we could not close the finals to a win in our favour.

In the first Best of 3 we faced Sons of Lennart, last years winners! We felt confident entering the game and had major support from our fans and followers all around Sweden. But we could not find our momentum wich made us loose the game against them.

This ended with us facing Prima eSports like we did last year, and somehow our emotions held us back and we could sadly not win over them. But something good always comes from these set-backs, and we are now looking forward for another season where we will prove everyone that we for sure will bring that gold trophy home!

We ended at 4th place!

Thanks to all the fans following us! Massive hugs!

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