About #Lilfam

#Lilfam is our own hashtag and community driven word.
Being a part of Lilfam is something that benefits both us as a team, but for you as a supporter. You help us grow our brand, and helps us find new ground to stand on. When our name gets out there more and more people and companies see what we do for the community and how much we love the sense of Esports.

Our Mission & Vision

Lilmix vision is to build up a brand around the different teams playing for them. When playing for Lilmix you are not only participating as a team, you are a part of something greater. You are included in #Lilfam which is another word for family.

We strive to build up a familiar feeling when surrounded by Lilmix fans, we want them to feel concluded and that we are playing for them when competing in tournaments.

Philosophy & Style of Play

Lilmix strives for a friendly and fun play style, we are therefore against all forms of bullying and exclusion. This is important that we show to everyone who looks at us, you are always welcome into #Lilfam no matter your background!

Why Join Lilfam?

Join our discord today and dont miss out on a single event or happening that will occur in the near future.

As a member you get to be a part of :

  • Monthly giveaways
  • First look on new merch
  • Discount Codes together with our partners
  • And more

Becoming a member means that you are helping us win tournaments and we would love to see you in #Lilfam!

Lilmix History


  • January – WolfY and elo leaves Lilmix to join Lilmix.Ourplays.
  • April 8th – WolfY joins Lilmix and b0denmaster replace him in Lilmix.Ourplays.
  • July 29th – Lilmix part ways with their Manager Nebroy.
  • August 24th – Lilmix.Ourplays disbands. b0denmaster stays in the organization as manager.
  • September 1st – The Final Tribe release their squad, the remaning players except vanity join Lilmix until they find a new organization. 
  • December 20th – hns announces that the roster of Lilmix will not continue to play together. 



3rd place
Svenska Elitserien 2018


1st Place
DreamHack Winter 2019


3rd Place
Fragleague Season 3


4th Place
Svenska Elitserien

Do you have questions regarding Lilfam?

If you need further assistance with something regarding Lilfam, please use this contact form in order to get in contact with us. If you have any other questions regarding Lilmix as a brand, please check out our contact page up in the menu. Hope you have a great day!