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Midsummer Showdown

So basicly, Esportal is having an Event right now that we are attending with some of our Streamers. The MaxGaming x Steelseries Midsummer Showdown is packed with nice rewards for the teams that manages to get to the finals.

  • 2 teams from each qualifier goes to the finals.
  • The finals will be played BO3 in a Single Elimination Bracket.
  • Winners of each qualifier receive top seeding for the final.
  • Finals live on with Tutsi!




Day One – 2020-06-16

First out was Chelseaa together with TheMagiciian and friends in the team Lilfam. It might not have gone the way they wanted, and they lost with 16-4 against team HiGHLOWE. And since its a Best-of-1 you dont have a second chance in this bracket. But Lilfam made sure to have a blast while attenting this event, and this is probably not the last time that we will see this Lilfam team compete in various competitions!

Day Two – 2020-06-17

Today our streamer Chiefen will attend with his team Lilmix Chiefen, and if you are familiar with his stream you know that it will be a very laid back and chill stream. He is very competative, but you couldnt believe it even if the world depended on it!

We wish Chiefen the best of luck in his seeding and hope that they get faar in the competition, but it looks hard!

Make sure to tune in on Chiefens twitch today:

Day Three – 2020-06-18

On the final day our caster Carried who hasn´t been offically realeased as a crew member yet is representing Lilmix in his clash against the other giants in this tournament. His lineup looks hot, and we hope that he will get faar, but if he doesn´t, he will cast our game in ESEA later that evening.

The game he is going to cast in ESEA is AGF vs Lilmix @ 21:00 and will be streamed over at Lilmix_tv on twitch!

Best of luck to everyone competing in this tournament!

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