Sponsors & Partners

Lilmix strive to further develop their community and grow as a team, and in order to do that they are dependant on solid collaborations to continue compete at such a high level.

Below is a short introduction of our Sponsors and Partners!


Xtrfy makes pro-level gaming gear in collaboration with some of the world’s most merited players. Their products are based on well-proven technology and the most important component of all: experience. They are designed from the ground up in their offices in Skåne, Sweden, and have been doing so since the start in 2013. In this introduction, you’ll get to know us, our products and the stories behind them.

Odin Gaming

Founded in 2019 by gamers with a passion for all things gaming, we bring innovative design and unique products for all gamers to enjoy. Whether you’re just getting into PC gaming or have many years of pro level experience, we leave no one behind. Our products are made just for you!


Clean Drink wants it to be easy for you to live healthy. They believe that health should permeate life at large and that it should be easy for you to make good choices. Since 2015, they have offered a vegan alternative that is produced entirely in the Nordic countries and is free from unnecessary additives and sugar. Cleandrink is proud that they are present in most of the retail chains in Sweden and are constantly working to make Cleandrink even easier for you as a consumer to find on the shelf at your local store.


The idea behind Kappa Bar was born in 2014, but it would take another two years of hard work before the doors of the first Kappa Bar were opened in Gothenburg in May 2016. The owners had for  a long time felt the need for a real esports bar and they noticed that more people had felt the same thing. Already the following year, the second Kappa Bar opened in Stockholm and now in 2020 they have four KappaBars around Sweden and soon they will also open in Linköping and Uppsala. Kappa Bar today has over 25 employees across its four locations with its head office in Gothenburg.


If you love gaming and e-sports, you’ve come to the right place! Regardless if you’re looking for the perfect gaming-mouse, a japanese fightstick or a t-shirt to support your favorite e-sports team, they probably have it. Due to their long experience with gaming-gear and close relationships with distributors and e-sports teams all over the world they can offer a wide variety of product at great prices! Check out their large selection of gaming headsets to find the perfect combination of sound-quality and comfort.


The best esports athletes need the best equipment to perform to the best of their abilities. Long, hard training sessions demand players maintain their focus for extended periods of time. When it comes to longer concentration and superior endurance, award-winning noblechairs are the only option.