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AOC was founded in 1967. From day one we have maintained our focus on display technology and have continued to innovate in this field, always with the same goal: delivering you a great experience with our products, no matter the purpose of use. For demanding professionals, we provide computer displays with high resolutions, high colour accuracy and an impressive set of advanced features.

RightBridge Ventures is a roll-up and  investment company investing and acquiring companies in the esport and gaming industry with the objective to create an ecosystem that seeks synergies around revenues, marketing, sales, customer acquistion and technologies.

During 2016 the three founder Klas, Robert and Henric wanted to create something new based on their long experienced within the hospitality bransch. The ideas where many but the final choice of niche became more and more obvious. They wanted to take Esport and gaming into the social room and they wanted to do it in a cool package with interior, food and drinks to create an experience the guests couldn’t find anywhere else.

Esportal is the place where you can play great matches with the right type of opponents and teammates. Our web-interface is seamlessly integrated with the game, and all players of any skill can find their level, hang out with friends with instant results and updated stats. Easy access with no hassle.

Inspired by the seating found in the world’s most luxurious vehicles, noblechairs combines the design, ergonomics, and features of the world’s most inspirational seating to create the perfect chair for any environment.

Following the successful acquisition of Xtrfy by CHERRY, the two renowned brands have joined forces to create CHERRY XTRFY – an innovative powerhouse in the gaming peripherals industry, set to be the new home for all future gaming peripherals, encompassing both existing and upcoming offerings from CHERRY and Xtrfy.


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