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Swedish Esport Federation

We can happily announce that we have entered into a collaboration with the Swedish E-sports Federation, and Lilmix contributes with its knowledge and presence in Swedish E-sports. We believe that a change is needed to inform our elderly and young people what E-sports is and where it is headed, especially on a political level!

Through this collaboration, we ensure that some of the brightest within this union gets the tools needed to get us where we all need to, and it’s forward for the sake of E-sports and its future!

If we can be involved and change on a political level in some form, so that our hard working atlethes may have better conditions, fair wages and security in the form of insurance and other social functions, we have come a long way!

The next big milestone is to make the business community in Sweden understand the power of what E-sports is, how many they reach out to and present for them who will actually take over the country when our elderly steps down.

Please visit if you want to read more about their work!


Lilmix is ​​behind you!

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