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United Together Against Mental Illness

Utami is an organization with the vision that mental illness and health as a topic of conversation and knowledge should be a matter of course in sports. No active, former or family member of an athlete should have to deal with mental illness alone.

Lilmix support this organization as the topic is very important, and as pro-athletes we know that long hours infront of a screen can distance you from the real world and we think that its important to find a balance in life where we dare to talk about how we feel with our near and dear.

So please, we urge everyone that is a part of #Lilfam to go and like their facebook page, and if you would like to further support them you could always use “Swish” if you are a Swedish resident: 123-622 2681 with the amount you wish to donate to their organisation and purpose!

Watch the below video to get see how the world of competative gaming works:

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